Maren Krusche

Before Our Eyes


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Dimensions: 21 x 27 cm
German / English
68 pages
November 2021
ISBN: 978-3-938457-60-3

Maren Krusche’s catalog covers the 2012-2021 phase of her painting. The paintings are “snapshots” of remarkable clarity. Her painting animates imaginary pictures that we previously knew nothing about; it brings to life the latent inner images in our heads. They thereby occur in and with an interstice, between feeling and thought, between image and material, between the I and the world. They treat interruptions and empty spaces, the ungraspable or the unoccupied. The artist herself understands her works as “thought pictures” in Walter Benjamin’s sense, as producing and delivering vivid knowledge. As flowing figures of perception, poesy and reflection combine in always different ways in her pictures and arrangements.

Maren Krusche’s Sehfelder (fields of sight), which implement spheres, rings, circles, and shadows in a painterly way, launch a differentiated way of seeing that resists being tamed by any preconceived logic. Intense portraits of animals and plants can confront these works. It seems as if the way of color is played through and tested once again, as if in flight or in a leap from the fields of sight to the pictures of things. The rhythm of fleeting, unstable appearances always first becomes a seeing of something in the process of seeing, and yet color always contains what is imperceptible in perception.

Contradiction, unity, and fragment in art, as a “depiction of knowledge”, remain a magnetic field in Maren Krusche’s artistic stance, too. For this artist, there is no standstill in painting, only a lingering in the conscious moment, a felt being. You can find more information at Maren Krusche Maren Krusche

Authorship: Dr. Dorothée Bauerle-Willert, Dr. Ferenc Jádi, Maren Krusche