We have collected and answered for you some questions we are frequently asked.

We’re sure that here we’ll be able to answer only a selection of possible questions, so please don’t hesitate to write us an e-mail at info (@) artinflow.de or call us at +49 (0)30 612 85 630. If it takes us a while for us to answer, please stay on the line!

General FAQ

We charge 3.50 € per order to ship books and catalogs within Germany and a flat 12.00 € per order to ship elsewhere in the EU.

For deliveries from the category “Editions”, we charge a flat 9.50 € per order within Germany and a flat 18.00 € per order elsewhere in the EU.

The delivery time for books and catalogues is about 3-4 working days and the delivery time for editions is approx. 5-10 working days. We will inform you if there are delays for unforeseeable reasons.

We generally ship with DHL to ensure the best and fastest possible delivery.

You can pay with PayPal, by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express), by SEPA direct debit or by bank transfer in advance.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us directly at order (@) artinflow.de. We will answer promptly. In very urgent cases, please call us at +49 (0)30 612 85 630.

We ship orders from our shop within Germany and the EU.

If you have questions, please write us directly at info (@) artinflow.de or use our contact form.

It is not possible to order for the book trade within our shop. If you have an event, we can send you books from our publishing house; please contact us directly. The book trade discount can vary by title and by how many of the desired product we have in stock. Order as usual info (@) artinflow.de, by fax, post, or with a cash assortment.

If the ordered book does not arrive within 14 working days, please contact us immediately by e-mail at info (@) artinflow.de. We will look into the status of your order and inform you, so that we can make the best decision for you.

Editions FAQ

We speak of editions when there are several identical or similar copies of a work of art that were produced or released as a set. An edition presupposes that the artist determines and limits the number of copies before the first sale. This number remains unchanged even after all copies are sold. An edition can be photographs, lithographs, all copies of a drawing or a painting, or other works of art. Editions are original versions of a work of art. In general, the smaller the edition, the higher the price of a copy.

All works of art offered for sale at artinflow.de are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. All works of art sold in editions (photographs, prints, etc.) are numbered and signed by the artist.

Yes. Sometimes the artist has already designated a frame. If a work is labeled “framed” on our website, then the frame is considered part of the work and its costs are already integrated in the final retail price.

The artists or ArtInFlow pack the works of art in accordance with quality standards. We choose suitable packaging individually for each work and take the necessary precautions to give the work the best possible protection.

We expect delivery to take an average of 10 working days after receipt of payment, including the time needed for packing and shipping. Depending on the availability of the artist, framing if applicable, and especially the distance between you and the work of art, the shipping time can vary. In all cases, we will keep you informed.

Depending on the country to which the work is shipped and on its dimensions, we work with various transport companies, for example DHL, UPS, and specialized art transporters.

In our shop, we ship purchased items within Germany and EU.

If you have questions, please write us directly at info (@) artinflow.de or use our contact form.

We charge a flat 9.50 € per order for transport within Germany, and 18.00 € per order for transport elsewhere within the EU.

Definitely! ArtInFlow organizes the transport of the works. So, no further organization on your part is required – and there are no hidden costs.

Each work is shipped directly by the artist. If two works are created by the same artist, they can be delivered at the same time (except in unusual circumstances).

If the works of art are by different artists, they will probably not be delivered at the same time.

If you are hindered and have to receive both works of art at the same time, please let us know in advance and we’ll organize the transport accordingly.

We will deliver the work to the address within Germany or the EU that you provide. In general, we agree on the delivery date with the person whom you have told us will receive the work.

Our goal is that your art purchase online makes you happy! But we can’t foresee all possible circumstances.

You have 14 days after receiving the work to inform us about your decision. For details, please see our Terms & Conditions and our Cancellation Policy.

Contact us as soon as you notice the damage to the work of art. Photograph it and the damage, so that we can make the best decision.

Depending on the extent of the damage, we can either have the work of art restored or it will be returned and destroyed. In the latter case, your payment will be remunerated. Of course, ArtInFlow will cover all costs stemming from a restoration (with minor damage or for example damage to the frame) or for return transport. The original artist will then evaluate the damage; we then decide whether restoration is possible.