Our Service


  • content and/or concept of publication projects
  • development of visual and cultural concepts of and with artists
  • concretisation of artistic profiles through art-historical and aesthetic background research
  • editorial and redactional supervision
  • production and production management
  • coordination and registration of publications with institutions and individuals as well as financial handling of projects
  • allocation of ISBN-numbers and registration of books with VLB (directory of available books)
  • online-marketing and national and international distribution of publications through www.artinflow.de
  • books/ catalogs can be ordered here on the website (payment via PayPal or prepayment)
  • in cooperation with the logistics partner IBS / International Bookservices, we send your orders directly through the book-cart services Libri, KNV, via DPD or book mail

    Of course, we would be happy to answer all your questions on these topics. We look forward to your contacting us.

Bureau for Art

Artists and their works require individual concepts and solutions. Along with publications and texts on art, at issue here are also your catalog of works or your collection and optimally organizing a legacy or a living artist’s production.

We advise and support you in professional aspects like art-historical and archival expertise and management issues. We recommend specialized law firms for tax questions and the legal structuring of a legacy and experts and restorers for conservatory evaluations of works of art.

Our work inventorying an artist’s complete works or a collection:

- Digital-photographic inventorying of each work with registration of the basic data (technique, dimensions, etc.)

- Incorporation and integration of existing databanks

- Creation and active maintenance of a catalog of works

- Establishment of a dedicated homepage as a first source of information on the artist

- Contextualization and presentation to create awareness of the art (publications, exhibitions, etc.)

The shared projects are based on inter-disciplinary approaches, on trust and professionalism, on skill-sharing and technological innovation in order to create dynamic and satisfying results.