Our Service


  • content and/or concept of publication projects
  • development of visual and cultural concepts of and with artists
  • concretisation of artistic profiles through art-historical and aesthetic background research
  • editorial and redactional supervision
  • production and production management
  • coordination and registration of publications with institutions and individuals as well as financial handling of projects
  • allocation of ISBN-numbers and registration of books with VLB (directory of available books)
  • online-marketing and national and international distribution of publications through www.artinflow.de
  • forwarding of review copies or publishers brochure to selected newspapers, specialist bookshops and art libraries as well as curators, art-historians, art-facilitators and cultural journalists

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Bureau for Art

Art benefits from interactions with corporate culture. And vice versa. New concepts show their worth through their actual impact.

With our Kunstmatrix (KUIO) app, we digitally facilitate trial placement of artworks. The app creates the possibilty to spend time with any particular artwork in any given location. It effortlessly creates a scale placement of sculptures visualising the artworks impact in their architectural environment.

We enable you to make creativity a part of your of business venture. Determined by your particular architectural surrounds and your own corporate philosophy, we facilitate public art commissions for construction projects. You will find the art that suits you, no matter what the space or context.

We document exhibitions and studio visits and conduct interviews with prominent actors from the art world. The virtual gallery accompanies our work in different places all around the world.

The shared projects are based on inter-disciplinary approaches, on trust and professionalism, on skill-sharing and technological innovation in order to create dynamic and satisfying results.