Change is constant. Nothing remains the same.
Art and culture are no exception to this.

ARTINFLOW functions as a facilitator for art, turns art into a vehicle for your image, integrates art with media, design and business.

ARTINFLOW produces and publishes fine art catalogues, publications on photography and other art-related subjects. With our e-books we offer new introductions to artists, cultural producers and actors from the world of art. We develop ideas for individualized pathways in media communication and mediation. Both the analog and digital publications investigate ideas and concepts, curators and producers, networks and mechanisms, experimentation, theories and reflection, inspiration and emotion, diversity but also deviations and discrepancies.

ARTINFLOW was founded as an online gallery by Ulrike Oppelt in 2004. From this platform for artists positions emerged the Office for Art with its focus on mediation of art and the presentation of artists´oeuvres in printed form. The publishing arm of the company was founded in 2007 to facilitate long-term editorial projects. 

Since 2014, we are media partners of With our Kunstmatrix (KUIO) app, we digitally facilitate trial placement of artworks. The app creates the possibilty to spend time with any particular artwork in any given location. It effortlessly creates a scale placement of sculptures visualising the artworks impact in their architectural environment. You will find the art that suits you, no matter what the space or context. The virtual gallery accompanies our work in different places all around the world.

The basis for each project involves an experienced network of concept, design and production. The individualized scope of each project is assessed and a team of independent experts in media and publishing devise specific solutions. Rather than focusing on separate media, each assignment is analysed in relation to a comprehensive unity of purpose and communication as a whole.

If you would like to contribute ideas, skills or are interested in working with ARTINFLOW, write to us.