Hoffer Hao

Why We Always Think We are Right


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Dimensions: 26,4 x 25,4 cm
Hardcover, Linen cover. Limited edition, Edition 9, the catalogs are signed and numbered in the endpapers. A 26 x 21 cm photograph by Hoffer Hao on photographic paper is laid in.
128 pages
November 2021
ISBN: 978-3-938457-62-7

With his photographs, Hoffer Hao documents life in contemporary China. After each turn of the page, you could hear a pin drop. That is how extraordinarily still his pictures can be. At the same time, they reveal a depth in detail, a visual byline tapping into the rhythm of everyday life in modern China. As the images present themselves, there is profound silence that crescendos into a bold humanistic epic. Instead of elation, a feeling of silence remains superimposed onto the image, revealing his subjects in their most raw and authentic. The journey does not end at the edges of this narrative but continues upon wide horizons of the viewer’s perception.

Hoffer Hao approaches his subjects with great respect. In his photographs, they sometimes seem to literally merge with the landscape, as if they are waiting a specific moment to arrive and want to communicate its critical meaning with their body language. Together with their surroundings, they often from their own realities like a sculpture. From the individual to collective action – Hoffer Hao approaches the essence of life in his photographs very sensitively, from several angles, and with hefty pinch of humor.

Authorship: Hoffer Hao