Alf Löhr

The Tempest


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Ed.: Staatliches Museum Schwerin, G. Graulich, A. Löhr
Dimensions: 22 x 28 cm
German / English
104 pages
August 2020
ISBN: 978-3-938457-57-3

The catalog is published to accompany the exhibition »Alf Löhr DER STURM/THE TEMPEST«, which runs from 14 August to 8 November 2020 in the Schwerin State Museum of the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania State Palaces, Gardens, and Art Collections.

The exhibition shows new paintings by the German-British artist, who focuses on the relationship between art and nature without referring to concrete events and experiences.

Alf Löhr’s oeuvre comprises painting, drawings, photography, video, performance, installation, and sculpture. His usually large-format, richly colorful works have diverse substrates like paper, textiles, or photos; they explore the conditions and materiality of painting.

Some years ago, Alf Löhr moved his studio to the coast of Kent, where William Turner, the important painter of the English Romantic movement, already painted his light-flooded pictures. Löhr is intensely interested in the fascinating light and atmosphere of the sea and sky. His current artistic grappling with the storm is palpable in the exhibition. Transparent, opaque, or deep blue, the blustering sea and turbulent winds in Löhr’s works seem like a discourse with analogies to cinematic and literary themes.

The Storm that strands the actors hints at climate change. In his late work of 1611, Shakespeare already illustrates that there is no alternative to working together in solidarity.

Further information can be found at Alf Löhr.

Press release (in German) on the exhibition of Alf Löhr at the Schwerin Museum

Authorship: Dr. Kristin Pirko, Dr. Gerhard Graulich, Alf Löhr