Susanne Kessler

About Roots and Borders. Racines et Frontières


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English / French
56 pages
August 2020
ISBN: 978-3-938457-55-9

The catalogue accompanies the exhibition »Susanne Kessler – About Roots and Borders« at the Conseil de l’Europe (Council of Europe) in Strasbourg. Due to Corona, the exhibition (originally planned from 31.8. to 25.9.2020) has been postponed to 2021. The catalogue is printed and will be presented during Artweek Berlin in September.

The German-Italian artist Susanne Kessler is not only socialized by having lived certain periods of her life in France, England and Italy, but also by exhibiting in many European countries. At the time of the Berlin Wall, Kessler studied in West-Berlin. These early experiences are still filtered in her installations and works especially on the subject of »Grenze« (border) or »common ground«, in such works as »Europa«, »Jerusalem« or »Mappa Mundi«. Border (delimit, exclude, connect), dialogue, interaction, distance, space and overcoming space are the central aesthetic-political questions. Critically and playfully, Kessler mixes reality and fiction by advocating an unbiased thinking space. Each of her cartographies has a counter-model to the conventions in science and politics.

The line as the basis of the drawing in space is the constant element in Susanne Kessler’s work. Dense concentration and circumferential networks of threads, wire and other materials, partly tamed by metal frames, etc., expand into large spatial installations. Further information can be found at Susanne Kessler.

Authorship: Kathrin Merkle, Christoph Tannert, Dr. Sabine Urban, Susanne Kessler

Invitation / Press release CATALOGUE RELEASE, 13.9.2020 – 5:00 pm