Johann Manfred Kleber

Imperative Skriptural


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63 pages
ISBN: 978-3-938457-29-0

Johann Manfred Klebers calligraphy at the interface between traditional calligraphy, typography and experimental, concrete poetry ‘- is, in spite of ancient and modern traditions scriptural art from cave paintings to Paul Klee, his personal innovation.

Since the 60s he developed his characteristic manner of hollow characters and their graphic design. First, as a playful font use for invitations, flyers, posters, and designed for scrawled in print sentences, later as art objects sui generis on paper, fabric and cardboard. (H. Schwenger)

Catalog for the exhibition at Max Planck Institute for Human Development from 16.04.-23.05.2015. A comprehensive catalog of Johann Manfred Klebers Skriptural Art, his SCRIPT PICTURES we have given out in 2011.

Authorship: Werner Hilsing, Hannes Schwenger