Nicole Wendel



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Nicole Wendel’s Oeuvre is a composition of drawings, objects and installations as well as photographs, films and performances. It deals with the big question of existence and transience, with process and ephemeral being at the center of her work. In a world where virtual space is of considerable significance, the relationship to our body seems to be out of balance. With her analogical haptic work, Wendel creates a tangible pool to this digitized reality. Basic thoughts are the pursuit for physical movement. Your body is an engine, as well as the tools and materials. The motion sensitivity by Wendel’s induced change of images requires in its interpretation, not on destruction created, but on the subtle understanding of transformation. There are associative drawing rooms and room images between gestures and construction, the subject of glory and abstraction.The change of images sensitively induced by Wendel’s on movement that requires a non-destructive, subtle understanding of transformation. There are associative drawing spaces and space images between gesture and construction, objectivity and abstraction.

The exhibition catalog, titled »Présence«, is based on the latest works by Wendels. Drawings, large-scale works on paper, photographs, videos and this new performance, has also exhibited at the Espace d’Art Contemporain, André Malraux, Colmar (Alsace). For further information, please visit this very special archive LINES FICTION by Bettina Munk about Drawing and it’s moving quality or the website Nicole Wendel.

Authorship: Anaïs Bourquin, Nicole Wendel