Poul R. Weile



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Ed.: Art Museum of Funen (Odense Bys Museer), Denmark
Dimensions: 30 x 22 cm
German / English / Danish / Chinese
256 pages
ISBN: 978-3-938457-13-9

Poul R. Weile deals since the early 1980s in a variety of media. His rich oeuvre, which includes the sculpture, drawing, printmaking, photography, painting up to installation, happening, performance and video art. Completely at ease, he mixes these differents forms of expression within his work. Utensils for every day use, kitsch and elements of his private life he brings into his art. Basically, he is interested in the phenomenon of combined pictorial expression. Thus, opening up a wide range of opportunities to connect fragments of various kinds. The idea decides the choice of material.

The publication is the first comprehensive presentation of the extensive work in the Funen born and now in Berlin based artist. The catalog was published in a collaboration between Poul Weile and Funen Museum of Art, Denmark. For more information see Poul R. Weile.

Authorship: Anne Christiansen, Trine Sondergard
Photography: Leif Vitus Olander Hansen, Inger Birkestrom Juul, Liv Elinor Weile Klostergard, Kristjana Ros Oddsdottir Gudjohnsen, Funen Opera, Museum of Photoart, Louise Aagard Hansen, Kathrine B. Faerch