Uschi Niehaus

Niehaus IndenBirken


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ISBN: 978-3-938457-43-6

The catalogue Niehaus IndenBirken is being published on the occasion of the Barlach Prize 2018 awarded to Uschi Niehaus on May 27th 2018 at the Barlach Museum Ratzeburg for her artistic oeuvre to date.

The work of Uschi Niehaus articulates itself through the media of painting, drawing and photography which the artist combines with found fragments such as nautical maps, photographs and elements of decoupage. Her drawing process involves paintbrush and pen but also blades, finger-nails and palette knives.

Art-historical references and music are an ongoing inspiration, echoing through her works, capturing sounds of music in still images. The pictorial perception and transformation of a spoken word, of an unspoken word, a whisper, a song as well as silence are qualities the artist continually engages with in her artwork.

Further information can be found at Uschi Niehaus.

Authorship: Dr. Jürgen Doppelstein, Dr. Bernd W. Lindemann, Uschi Niehaus