Witte Wartena



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ISBN: 978-3-938457-38-2

Representing a scene of a past moment, is the principal thought in the works of the Dutch artist Witte Wartena in his series »Attending«. Exhibition is captured as a situation. The focus of the works are people and events, which can be identified by the work titles and the name register. Witte Wartena’s works invites you to reflect on exhibitions. When was a room designed and for whom? Which people are in the space, who uses it? What distinguishes an exhibition venue and the staging of it?

The catalog shows a section of the Berlin gallery and art scene. 47 weeks of exhibitions in 47 drawings from the exhibition openings.

Wartena’s work is narrative, based on himself and his surroundings. Executed in the form of drawings, comics and installations, it features friends, family and scenes from his daily life. The drawings are made as accurately as possible in the sense that they include every detail of our every day existence. Like the Genre works from the Dutch Masters, he too shares their passion of portraying people engaged in common activities. For the artist, creating work is a way of preserving his ever-changing reality. He sees beauty in the ever-day world. Further information can be found at Witte Wartena.

Authorship: Ulrike Oppelt, Witte Wartena

Catalog presentation at the opening LEAVING TRAILS, Hilbertraum, August 23, 18:00 – 22:00