Morten Debald (editor)

Lingua franca

ErzÀhlungen (narratives)


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120 pages
ISBN: 978-3-938457-48-1

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Sometimes non-native speakers, when expressing themselves in a language other than their own, come up with the most striking phrases and linguistic curiosities. It is this idiosyncratic way with words – often groundlessly taken to be incorrect – that Morten Debald is most interested in. For his anthology he gathered the work of fifteen foreign-language authors and nine foreign photographers. The starting point for each story is the photograph. Photography can be seen as a lingua franca in itself, a neutral space in which nobody has the rule over the language. For language philosophers like Morten Debald association is a mechanism underlying all poetic speech.

Lingua Franca (from the Italian for »Franconian language«) refers to a commercial language which was used up until the 19th century on the south and east coast of the Mediterranean. It originated from a variation of Italian which had been enriched by a great number of words taken from Arabic, French, Greek, Spanish and Turkish. In this way, the Lingua Franca enabled people with different native languages to communicate with each other.

Authorship: Douglas Pompeu, Trevis Annoni, Seda GĂŒngör, Roland Vernet, MarĂ­a Lanusse, MĂĄrio Gomes, Samuele Maniscalco, Camila Gonzatto, Reinaldo P. Almeida, Borja LĂłpez Alascio, DorothĂ©e Fraleux, Tania Domingo Moreno, Carlos Gomes, Anastassia Akel, MartĂ­n Del Valle
Photographers: Eva Carracedo, Yuri Kim, Tena Srdelić, Esther Bondì, Luis Pliego, Azzurra Pettorossi, Elisa Balmaceda, Marta Leite, Aleksia Halilaj

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