Susanne Piotter

Selected artworks 2016–2022


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Dimensions: 24 x 17 cm
German / English
64 pages
September 2022
ISBN: 978-3-938457-65-8

Susanne Piotter’s catalog “Selected artworks 2016–2022” shows a selection of her concrete sculptures from recent years. Her fascination with Brutalist architecture and with fragments is hard to overlook in the combination of massive parts and filigree transitions.
The objects from the series “Artefakte” (Artifacts) consist of individual pieces of poured concrete, their appearance reminiscent of buildings abandoned unfinished, and yet the works display a multidimensionality supported by the partial color design and various possible setups. The object itself releases differentiated views of it.
The three-dimensional wall pieces from the series “Repetitive Structures” are also made of concrete, a raw material on which Susanne Piotter has focused since 2016. In her designs, the artist combines ideas and influences from Islamic ornamentation, Bauhaus textile design, and urban architectural systems such as highway intersections. Piotter’s analog and digital approach complements the precise planning of her works.
The interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin constructs (living) spaces and two- or three-dimensional environments and installations; she plays with the visible and the invisible. Her objects and sculptural works can be associated with Concrete Art, Concept Art, Geometric Abstraction, and Minimalism.
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Authorship: Rahel Schrohe, Susanne Piotter