Peter Lindenberg

Painting 1990-2022


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German / English
128 pages
March 2022
ISBN: 978-3-938457-59-7

Peter Lindenberg’s oeuvre is characterized by diversity, inventiveness, and collaboration. Nature and art enter into an irresistible synthesis. The catalog offers a glimpse of the ambivalent position of the painter and sculptor Peter Lindenberg, though it comprises solely his painterly work, but that from the beginnings to the present. In a selection of 225 pictures, more than 30 years of painting with the widest possible range of themes and work series are documented, ordered chronologically and thematically, and described in their artistic motivation and realization.

Nature as a central pictorial motif is consistently retained in Lindenberg’s painting – geometric, architectonic, or in artistic questioning, the conceptual pair of opposites “Romantic Constructivism” offers the field of tension in which the painter can shift from one extreme to the other.

Since 2009, Peter Lindenberg concentrates not only on mediating his own artistic works, but also on curating contemporary art in Kunstraum F200 and in vacant venues in Berlin, so-called raw galleries, whose name derives from the raw condition of the temporary exhibition spaces.

For more information, see Peter Lindenberg or his YouTube channel.

Authorship: Thomas Hegemann, Simone Kornfeld, Ina Weiße, Peter Lindenberg