Martin Conrad

Weiße Fenster im Raum Nahrung geben


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Dimensions: 24 x 28 cm
German / Emglish
168 pages
ISBN: 978-3-938457-35-1

The artist’s publication by Martin Conrad with its individual chapters and handwritten extra pages functions as a comprehensive, continuous narrative of interlocking references from various work fields, archive collections and installation views. The book is understood as a corpus, in which an artistic conception based on the superimposition of abstract colour formations and figurative structures unfolds like petals with the page sequence. In the middle of the book – as the core of imagination – is the Lexikon der Zeichnungen (Lexicon of Drawings). The text by Dieter Begemann at the beginning of the book guides one’s view via the archive collections to the artist’s studio as the space for thought and reflection. Installation views towards the end of the book extend the correlations between image, imaginary space and viewer to involve architecture and the cultural environment.

»The works are defined by a common structure related to the dissolution of and the adherence to boundaries: a transposition of the expanding character of painterly areas of color and the circumscription of this openness by means of linear structures.« (Martin Conrad).

Authorship: Dieter Begemann, Martin Conrad

Further information can be found at Martin Conrad. This publication appears on the occasion of the two exhibitions: »Umspannwerk« Galerie ROOT, Berlin, 31.08.-12.10.2018 and »Metamorphosy«, [Kunst]Projekte Monica Ruppert, Mannheim, 21.09.-19.10.2018