Manfred Kirschner

Verrückt werden in Ostdeutschland – Rügen mon Amour


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Ed.: Gallery Crystal Ball
Dimensions: 16 x 16 cm
German (only)
Hardcover, linen cover
130 pages
March 2021
ISBN: 978-3-938457-51-1

The artist’s book created by Manfred Kirschner is taken from the universe of his collage stories and photo albums. He uses 51 photo collages to tell the story of the Berlin artist Harald Baumeister, who, disappointed by his friends, travels to the Baltic Sea coast in search of meaning.

»Going crazy in East German – Rügen mon Amour« is a two-art book oriented toward handmade collage series. With his technique, Kirschner associates a phantasmagoric German pictorial story in which fiction, the past, and the present fuse. The genre of storytelling used here humorously illustrates a reflection of life. Thus, Harald Baumeister appears like an alter ego of artists in crisis. It is an internal as well as external journey that aimed to lead him to art but ends up in life. With hallucinations and lovesickness, he gets lost in an ironic puzzle of deception around a magic snow globe and finds friendship and love in the end.

Manfred Kirschner is a freelance artist. His pictorial and performative work is characterized by diversity, wealth of ideas, and crossover aspects. His work is often inscribed with the question of the responsibility and the conditions of the societal role of the artist as producer. Kirschner makes this the theme of performances, videos, and installations in combination with drawing, painting, and collage.

The collages to the book are handmade, each worked with scissors, glued to canvas and sealed with UV protection. The collage à 15 x 15 cm are unique and can also be purchased individually. Price on request.

Further information can be found at Manfred Kirschner and Gallery Crystal Ball.

Authorship: Manfred Kirschner