Renate Wiedemann

14 Betrachtungen (14 Views)

Artist's book


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Dimensions: 3,5 x 30,6 x 21,7 cm (HxBxT)
Single issues, DIN A4, Hardcover/box
74 pages
ISBN: 978-3-938457-21-4

Sculpture is a broad field. »To view« means to look at something closely. The »14 Views« of sculptress Renate Wiedemann comprise her artistic spectrum (2001-13) of objects, sculptures, and installations in a box with fourteen individual booklets. Each handmade booklet presents one theme in an installation or group of works. Altogether, they show the connecting lines of the form language in the artist’s oeuvre.

Title and language play an important role in Renate Wiedemann’s work. Language, as an essential component, is a resonance space that gives the things that are shown a specific, open direction – a direction in which the viewer can move even though he was given no clear destination toward which he has to feel or think.

»Artikuliertes Gedrängel«, wall frieze
»Meine Ladenhüter«, installation
»Reinheitsgebote«, soap objects
»bottles in contact«, variable installation
»Sonderbare Gegenspieler«, installation
»Portato«, installation in Venedig
»Innige Beziehungen«, plaster sculptures
»Wasser marsch«, installation
»aufgetischt«, furniture objects
»Natur Wunder«, cabinets of natural
»Duftdolden«, installation in the park
»Der Fixpunkt«, object
»Ohne Worte«, graphics and objects
»Bei Licht betrachtet«, writing bands and shadow

More Information, see Renate Wiedemann. To view the artist’s book a studio visit with the artist is possible. Date by agreement.

Authorship: Renate Wiedemann