Ulli Diezmann & Friends
Part II.
Ulrich Diezmann

The catalogue «Ulli Diezmann and Friends, Part II», which accompanies the exhibition of the same name at the Kunsthaus Meiningen (July/August 2018), includes 13 of his artist friends. «There’s no common denominator, no underlying idea or theme, except the friendly relationships I share with each of the exhibition participants» (U.D.). The first Ulli Diezmann and Friends exhibition took place in the Galerie auf Zeit/ Räume für Kunst in Braunschweig in 2013.

The painter and photographer Ulrich Diezmann presents a selection of his work from the last 30 years, which reflect artistic flexibility, openness and informality towards the world. Landscapes, animals and everyday objects are the motifs he paints or photographs. In the second part of the catalogue, 13 artistic positions presented in painting, photography, drawing, video and object art, harmonize and offer interesting insights into the art of fellow artists, that is, offer views beyond the horizon.

Die KünstlerkollegInnen:

Matthias Beckmann, Berlin, Ulrich Diezmann, Berlin, Roland Fuhrmann, Berlin, Edite Grinberga, Berlin, Jens Hunger, Berlin, Andrea Imwiehe, Berlin, Wilmar Koenig, Straußberg/ Hohenstein, Roger Libesch, Erlangen, Peter Lindenberg, Berlin, Christian Pilz, Berlin, Jens Schünemann, Berlin, Claudia Shneider, Berlin/ Johannesburg SA, William Wires, Berlin, Markus Wirthmann, Berlin

The catalogue «Ulli Diezmann and Friends» (30.06.-12.08.2018) will be available at the exhibition opening at the Kunsthaus Meiningen. For further information, please consult the gallery website KUNSTHAUS-Meiningen.



title page: Ulli Diezmann & Friends

page view: Ulli Diezmann & Friends (fig. U. Diezmann)

page view: Ulli Diezmann & Friends (fig. U. Diezmann)

page view: Ulli Diezmann & Friends (fig. Matthias Beckmann)

page view: Ulli Diezmann & Friends (fig. Jens Hunger)

page view: Ulli Diezmann & Friends (fig. Wilmar König)

page view: Ulli Diezmann & Friends (fig. Peter Lindenberg)

page view: Ulli Diezmann & Friends (fig. William Wires)

14,8 x 21 cm

German (only)

54 pages


ISBN: 978-3-938457-36-8

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