Renate Wiedemann

WORD CREATURES is what the sculptor Renate Wiedemann calls her mysterious white creatures. Certain sensitivities expressed as a word and logos take shape in the form of sculptures. These artificial creatures are reminiscent of rare fruits, sperm, amoebas, protozoa or even white tadpoles. But interpretation is not random, because the title of the sculptures provides the viewer with a specification for understanding, whereby ambivalences are inherent. The ambiguities in the works are existential in nature.
The title of »Leave«, the sculpture hanging onto or placed on a base, means stop, give, refuse, leave, refrain. Also forms of letting go, permitting to occur, seeing, giving and letting stand are possible.

»Inseparable« expresses an intimate belonging and brotherly friendship, but the shape of the sculpture permits another interpretation: to be bound to another bound, to be trapped, or to be unable to move. Yes or No in the figurative sense is formed of white plaster here, smoothed with a spatula, then polished and painted many times until the letters are no longer can be felt with the fingertip. Words or language itself is integrated as a sculptural material in the works, so that body and language are linked together. This is artistically something special and characterizes Renate Wiedemann’s sophisticated play with meanings on a design and philosophy-of-language level. (uo)

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  • Renate Wiedemann | Lassen
  • Gips poliert, Schriftzug unter Lack (Skulptur hängend auf Sockel)  |
  • 120 (h) x 20 (b) x 35 (t) cm (mit Sockel) | 2006

  • Renate Wiedemann | Unzertrennlich
  • Skulptur, Gips poliert, Schriftzug unter Lack | 30 (h) x 40 (b) x 28 (t) cm | 2004

  • Renate Wiedemann | Schlafenszeit
  • Skulptur, Gips poliert, Schriftzug unter Lack | 30 (h) x 40 (b) x 28 (t) cm | 2011