Kathrin Rank

Fossil Moments


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Dimensions: 23 x 21 cm
48 pages with 26 color plates
ISBN: 978-3-938457-03-0

In Kathrin Ranks’ visual syntheses something old is transformed into something new. Situations, Fleeting moments, scenery, things and objects appear to be fleeting and trivial but as the picture plane opens up, a time component and depth reveals itself to be essential to her work. Flashes of memories held within the layering of paint emerge; at times quietly, at times in an unsettling manner. This process reveals the intersection of our vision and our interpretation of the world around us.

Ranks paintings draw us in and beyond their surface and by doing so, communicate a rich dimension in which time and experience are linked together in an aesthetic and cognitive process that takes us beyond the apparent. For more information see Kathrin Rank.

Authorship: Timo Kaabi Linke, Kathrin Rank

In our virtual gallery you will find an exhibition “Dark Sides” with works of the artist Kathrin Rank.