Die Zukunft ist Gratis (Future is Free)
Sammlung Deutscher Wertsätze
Mariel Gottwick

»Sammlung Deutscher Wertsätze« (Collection of German 'sentences of value'), compiled by Mariel Gottwick since 2002, consists of quotes from German advertising slogans. The artist gave all collected quotations serial numbers and labeled them with the advertising company's name and year of publication. Mariel Gottwick collects advertisements on the Internet, in magazines and from billboards, where they impose themselves on us every day.

Different categories of sentences emerged in the continuous collection process. Next to »Wertsätze« ('sentences of value') the artist categorises the quotes into additional types of sentences: guiding principles (Leitsätze), theorems (Lehrsätze), 'budget sentences' (Sparsätze), resolutions (Vorsätze), and take home messages (Merksätze). In doing so she is performing a first evaluation.

It is generally known that the values formulated in advertising messages are always linked to commercial intentions; sweet or cocky promises that stimulate consumption. Mariel Gottwick transports those value- and emotion-laden quotes from their original place in advertising into a new setting that is not rooted in the advertising world, and puts them on one level with epigrams, wisdoms, and socially relevant guiding principles. Circling back to the quotes' authorship, the advertising world’s communication of values becomes questionable.

Further information can be found at Mariel Gottwick.

The postcard edition will be published for Gottwick's solo exhibition »Die Dinge und mein Glück« (The Things and My Happiness) in WerkStadt Berlin from 10th November to 15th December 2019.

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Set of postcards: Mariel Gottwick: Future is free (Die Zukunft ist Gratis)

View postcard: Mariel Gottwick: guiding principle (Leitsatz)

View postcard: Mariel Gottwick: 'sentences of value'-poem (Wertsatz-Gedicht)

View postcard: Mariel Gottwick: 'sentences of value' (Wertsatz)

View postcard: Mariel Gottwick: Wertsatz (value set)

View back of the postcard: Mariel Gottwick

Set of postcards: Mariel Gottwick: Die Zukunft ist Gratis (Future is free)

Set of postcards: Mariel Gottwick: Die Zukunft ist Gratis (Future is free)

Exhibition view: Mariel Gottwick »Die Dinge und mein Glück«

Exhibition view: Mariel Gottwick »Die Dinge und mein Glück«

10,5 x 14,8 cm

German only

11 Postcards


ISBN: 978-3-938457-39-9

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