Dorothea Schutsch

The exhibition of the painter Dorothea Schutsch shows strongly coloured compositions from her series »Bingo-players«, »Windows« and »In the café«. These painting themes are taken up again and again and are developed by her over long periods, from small formats up to stretched panoramas. Subjects are deserted interior spaces, arising from layered colour surfaces and the implementation of light. With their depths and structures these subjects create an idea of people and occurrences in an undetermined period. Her balancing act between figuration and abstraction generates a significant diversity, allowing the observer to take different perspectives.

Dorothea Schutsch studied stage design under Achim Freyer at College of Arts of Berlin (HdK) and has been working as set and costume designer since 1989. An important part of her work is sketching and designing – this also applies for painting which became her working focus over the last years. For further information, please visit Dorothea Schutsch.